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I am researching a possible connection to my family and have received the
social security application (SS-5) for a potential relative, after finding
the name in the SSDI.

On the document I received, which is *not* the original application, but a
typed document called a "Request for E/R Action", it says "Mental
Institution Case". A handwritten notation at the top says "Orig SS5 to
PC" Under Remarks, it says "MI Y UNIT BSH"

The person in question died in the 1960's. Apparently death benefits were
paid, or the person would not be listed in the SSDI. I'd like to know what
the Remarks above refer to, and am curious to know if I can find out to
whom the death benefits were paid. If I can locate the Mental Institution
in question, would confidentiality rules still apply after so long?

Any help is appreciated!!! Thanks in advance.

Carol Kunkis Cohn
Newport Beach, CA

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