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The video so many of you missed when PBS either cancelled or re-scheduled
in your area, can now be yours at a discounted price!

Our very own JewishGenMall has it listed among the 'Specials' in honor of
the Grand Opening.

"There Once Was A Town"

A remarkable journey of hope and survival. In 1941, the German army invaded
the small town of Eishyshok, Poland (now Lithuania) and brutally murdered
nearly all 3,500 Jewish residents. Fifty-six years after the massacre,
"There Once Was A Town" chronicles the remarkable journey of four of the
town's survivors and their families as they return home. Actor,
Edward Asner, a descendant of an Eishyshok family, narrates the film.

Retail Price : $ 29.95 YourPrice: $ 24.95 / Each

Shop >from home, benefit JewishGen with each purchase. <grin>


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