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Carol Rombro Rider

<< Does anyone know what the practice was in the Pale of Settlement
regarding a woman's name after a divorce. I recently discovered
that on a ship manifest, while immigrating to the US, my aunt was
travelling under her maiden name.
She had been married, but we are not sure whether she was divorced
or widowed. Would it have been the practice to revert to a maiden
name in either of these cases? And what about children, if they
stayed with the mother?>> (Posted on the Belarus SIG)

What an interesting question! I don't recall seeing this addressed before.
I have a passport of a relative >from Russia (Vilna Gubernia) who in 1893
came into the US. There are two names on the passport--hers and her
The passport clearly states that she was a divorced woman traveling with
her daughter. She went by the name of Rosa UGER, and her daughter
travelled under the name of Chana Freda ROMBRO.

So, apparently, she reverted to her maiden name. Was this obligatory or
by choice? I don't know.

Carol Rombro Rider Baltimore, Maryland USA

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