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Tomek Liniecki <liniecki@...>

Part of our family are listed as having been born in the town of
Dubossar or Dubossari, in the region of Cherson in Ukraine. I have found
a town Cherson not far >from Odessa at 4638 3236, but I do not seem to be
able to locate Dubossar(I). Is it possible that this town no longer
exists? Or perhaps the name has been changed?

Thanks for your help!

You probably search through the wrong maps. Dubossari used to be a part of
Soviet Ukraina, but since about1991 that part of the country, populated
mostly by Romanian speaking folks, separated >from Ukrainian state and
formed a new state - Moldova. The town Dubossari is still there and is
doing well (as far as that's possible in this part of the world).

Tomasz Linetzky

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