The ** subject ** should be a summary of your email #germany

JewishGen German Research Division Coordinator

When you write an email to this list the "Subject"
should give as much important data as possible.

The reasons for this are explained below.

Please follow our list rules that say:

"A MEANINGFUL SUBJECT LINE IS REQUIRED - Your subject line should give
readers an idea of the content of your message.

If you are responding to a previous posting, your subject line should
begin with RE: (subject line of previous post) + qualifier if needed.


Not good: Jonas WEIL

Good: Seek Jonas WEIL, Emmendingen, Baden > NYC circa 1860 - synagogue founder

Not good: Breckenheim

Good: Seeking other Jewish families >from Breckenheim near Wiesbaden -
JGFF doesn't help

Not good: Translation

Good: Need help with translation of b.m.d. records, Kaiserslautern 1848 - 64

Your email ** subject ** should briefly tell the facts in your email
that will let readers decide if this is an email that they want to
read. It serves the same purpose as the headline in a newspaper.

Messages with an incomplete ** subject ** may be rejected by the moderator.

NOTE: If you read GerSIG in the digest version you can ** not ** use
"reply" to send an answer to a message in that digest. If you use
"reply" the subject will be "Re: gersig Digest ---date" and your
message will be rejected.

If you want to respond to a message posted in the GerSIG list your
subject should begin with Re: and then give the subject of the
earlier message.

Sometimes you should add a comment such as "thank you" or "part of the
answer", or "more data needed", or "another answer".

Most people who read GerSIG messages also read other lists - often
many other lists - every day. Few of us have time to read every word
of every message in every list. Many people only read the ** subject
** of the messages to decide if they will read more or delete that
message. If the subject does not include a word or idea that seems
important to the reader the email probably will not be read.

Many people read GerSIG in the "index" mode. That sends them ** only **
the subject and the first two lines of message text. For "index"
mode readers the subject line is especially important.

Many people use the Archive Search Engine to find messages sent to our
list in the past that could help them. The Search Engine results give
only the subject of the messages found. If there are many messages,
the ones with well written subjects will be the ones read first.

When you write email to the GerSIG list please think about how you
read a newspaper, magazine or Internet page and try to write a
** subject ** that will let readers know if they will be able to help you
with your question or will be interested in what you have to say in
the text.

Again, email to this list with incomplete ** subject ** may be rejected.

Thanks for your cooperation.

List Moderator "MOD 1"

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address. Please remove @aol email addresses for GerSIG and JPLowens

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