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Tom Venetianer <> wrote
<<What kind of name is Leyb and how it relates to Yehuda? Is Leyb and
Lob the same name, just different spellings? >>

I have heard that Yehuda and Leib are kinui or go together.. But if that
were so, would a man named Leib call his son Judah? My mggf, Leib Speier
in 1872 wrote down a family history goingback to Joseph Plaut in
Neuenbrunslar (Hesse) in 1682. Included in this history is Leib' son, Juda
Speier-Holstein (1859-1938), my mgf.

By an odd coincidence, I have another ggf named Leib, the father of
Yakov-Meir Schiffres of Grodno, after whom I am named.

Irwin Jacob Schiffres
Rochester, NY
Searching HOLSTEIN or SPEIER-HOLSTEIN (Neuenbrunslar, Gensungen)

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