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Gloria Bailey <auletta1@...>

Sally Bruckheimer wrote:

While the Index to New York City deaths is available at the Mormon FHL,
the certificates themselves are not-with a few small exceptions. Once
you have the information >from the index (year is enough if you don't
have a common name) you have to write to the NY City Archives. New York
State vital records are available in the county or town where they
occurred, in filmed indexes at the LDS church, and in Albany. Note: NY
City records are not in Albany.
This is not totally true. It depends on the time period you are searching.
I have found many death certificates for my family >from New York City. In
fact, death certificates >from Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan are available
through 1949. For Staten Island they are available through 1947. Again, I
would urge researchers to look at the actual death certificates if they are
available through the LDS. You will find it faster and cheaper than
mailing off to New York.

Also, if you have not yet purchased the Family History Library Catalog from
Familysearch, I would urge you to do so. It is so easy to search at home
at your leisure rather than while at the Family History Library and you can
use your limited time at the library to actually view the films.

Gloria Auletta Bailey
Searching OSHEROWITZ & GINSBURG in Romanovo or Slutzk, Minsk, Belarus
and SCHILDKRAUT in Pogost, Minsk, Belarus

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