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I just received in the mail a death certificate for a stillborn baby
born in Toledo, Ohio in 1919. In the space indicated for "Place of Burial,
cremation or removal" it is typed "Eagle Point" The undertaker is listed as
the father of the infant (who, in fact, was not an undertaker).

I cannot find any listings for an Eagle Point Cemetery, or any place
called Eagle Point in Ohio. If this is/was not a cemetery, does this mean
the deceased infant's remains were given to his father? And what is, or
what was, Eagle's Point?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Carol Kunkis Cohn
Newport Beach, CA

KOSSOI/KOSSOY/KOSOFF - Vetka, Chechersk, Zagor'ye, Belarus;
SKOLNIKOF (and alternate) - Vetka, Belarus
KUNKIS - Glubokoye, Belarus
SCHRIER, PACHTER - Yarmolinits, Kam-Podolsk, Ukraine

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