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I am researching the Kalischer family (one of many spellings); the
Kalischers are relatives on my father's side. Simon Kalischer (born about
1831, Germany/Poland/Prussia) came to New York City before 1856. Simon had a
sister Rachael who was supposedly born in Germany in 1841. Simon's wife was
Minnie Honig (born about 1831, Germany/Prussia). Children: Aaron (born 1856,
New York City), Morris (born 1858, New York City), William (born 1862, New
York City), and Alexander (born 1872, New York City). Simon may have had
many brothers (familial names seem to be Edwin, Adolph, Meyer, Morris, and
Sol) and at least one sister named Rachael (born 1841, Germany). Simon was a
capmaker in New York City. His son Aaron married Carrie Baron and had at
least six children. Simon's son William married Annie Raschkowsky (who
changed her name to Annie Marks) and had eleven children. This William
Kalischer changed his name to Frank Smith and moved to New Orleans about
1894. Frank Smith was my Dad's grandfather. Simon's son Alexander married
Mildred Halpern.

Is anyone else researching this surname? I would enjoy hearing >from you and
will exchange information. I am particuarly interested in information
related to the city and country of origin of Simon and Rachael Kalischer.

Please answer privately.

Brent W. Smith

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