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1: Janet,
The only ORT program I am familiar with is one that trains people for work
all over the world. It is Organization Through Rehabilitation. In the US we
used to have a seamstress/tailor shop in NY. You should be able to google or
find out through your local synagogue.

I'm not sure this is the same program you are looking for, but it is/was a
terrific program. I know it >from many, many years ago when living in Northern
California/Bay Area. Aloha,

Harriet Hoffman Honolulu, HI =====================

2: ORT was created to help those who'd suffered injuries. my late sister
was a member of American ORT, and, in fact, had a school named
after her in Israel following her death in 1972.

Jeffrey Leeds sherman oaks, ca <> ===================

3: See the ORT Germany website and this page (in German) - 80 Jahre ORT in
Deutschland - 80 years ORT in Germany

According to this the international organisation was set up in 1921 with its
seat in Berlin - after all, this was just after the Russian Revolution.

I think it says that with the rise of the Nazis, many Jews realised that
they needed to make preparations to leave Germany.

In particular, it says that a Berufschule (job school) was founded in 1937
in Berlin. I hope that this helps.

Nick Landau London, UK <> ==============

4: My mother was a very active member of the Women's American Ort which is
now known as ORT. You can I search the name and get all the
information you need about the organization. It originally started in
Russia in the 1880s. The name stands for Organization for
Rehabilitation and Training. ORT sponsors schools worldwide to give
people the ability to succeed in life. No matter where the National
office of ORT has been they have successfully gone into different
countries to start their schools recognizing the needs of the
particular areas. ORT has always been conscious of the dignity of
people and enabled each person to help themselves.

Marlene Kempner Dobrin, Arizona, ====== Discussion closed MOD1

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