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Naidia Woolf <rnwoolf@...>

The inscription on my father's headstone shows my paternal grandfather
Simon Woolf (nee Simon Wolf Kyjawski)'s first name as Shraja. I'm
interested in knowing whether Shraja is a Yiddish variant of Elijah, Isaiah
(Isaac), or Israel.

On my grandparents' wedding certificate, my paternal great-grandfather's
name was shown as Isaac. Since my ancestors were Polish (Ashkanazi)Jews it
seems unlikely that my grandfather would have been named Isaac, after his
own father.

I'd like to know whether the last name of HORN could be an English
variant/angelized version of HERSHORN. The name M (Morris) Horn appears on
my maternal grandmother's death certificate as witness and cousin of
deceased. (My grandmother died in London in 1920 and was buried at the
Edmonton/Western cemetery.) Is anyone else in the group researching the
name HORN?

Please respond privately unless you feel your response would be of general

Naidia Woolf
San Francisco, CA


DROZDIASZ (or variants) Karczew,Poland
ISAAC (Solomon and Rachel) Poland (anywhere)
HORN, Morris (possibly HERSHORN) Poland (anywhere)

--- Naidia Woolf

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