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Irene Newhouse <newhoir@...>

The Jewish population of Posen was almost depleted by emigration even
before the area became part of Poland after WWI. Thus the lack of Yizkor

Stebven Fischbach has compiled an excellent infofile for Jewish
genealogists with ancestors in Posen; it's in the J-gen infofiles,
naturally & contains background references.

Heppner & Herzberg wrote a 2-volume book on the history of Jews in Posen,
but it's long, long out of print & in German. Vol 2 has a history for
each of the 131 communities of Posen that had Jewish Community. vol 1 is
easy to get by interlibrary loand, but 2 is like pulling teeth & as far as
I know, only U of IL Urbana-Champaign has one [in the US]

In English, the only book I know of is Michael Zarchin's "Jews in the
Province of Posen", also decades out of print, but in a recent
search I found 3 copies for sale & bought one.

You might also check out the Posen links on my web site I have posted my translation
of a 1909 German article on Jewish emigration >from Posen.

Irene Newhouse
Kihei HI

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