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Sylvia wrote:

It may be helpful to those wanting to obtain birth certificates >from the
Family Records Centre in London to know the following shortcut - once you
know the borough in which the birth was registered (this appears in the
birth listings), you can obtain a copy of the certificate, on the spot, at
the Office of Registration in the borough itself Ii.e. a 20 minute wait by
presenting you request, in person, at the Registration Office itself,
rather than a 4 day wait at the Family Records Centre). did this during a
recent visit to London and t saved myself a further visit to the FRC (and a
four-day wait during which I would not have been able to utilize the
information found on the birth certificate). I presume that this would
apply throughout England, and possibly also to other types of registration
certificates (?) (I have to thank a fellow researcher at the FRc for this
tip.) The cost of the copy is the same in both places.
One additional tip in the UK - by enquiring at one of the local libraries
in the East End of London, I discovered that one of the group of libraries
in that area actually has a Family History Department, which is open to the
public, and holds many local records, including census information,
electoral registers, and the entire Jewish Chronicle on microfische, and
the staff were extremely helpful. I believe that more and more boroughs are
setting up such library departments, and they are really worth looking for.

Sylvia Kaye


Searching: BUCHALTER (Siret, Bukovina; ROSEMAN (Mihaileni, Romania);

BITTAN (London, East End): KOSOKOVSKY (Kiev); DRUKKER (Galacia); HYAMS

London, East End).
End of Sylvia's message.

--- Naidia Woolf

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