Searching relatives that live in Argentina. #germany


Dear Gersig Members,
I will be traveling to Argentina in Mid October and will stay several days
in Buenos Aires. I am searching for relatives or their descendants who emigrated
there >from Germany. I would appreciate any help in locating these families.

Ilse COSSEN nee HEILBERG formerly of Meudt in Westerwald has four daughters.
Rosita, Margit, and the twins Lilo and Inge COSSEN.
Brothers, Egon and Werner MANGE, sons of Leo MANGE formerly of Hadamar in
Leon and sister Ilse OSTER, children of Jacob OSTER of Selters in Westerwald.
They previously lived in Duisburg.
Brothers, Max and Julius JONAS, sons of Wilhelm and Johanna JONAS formerly
of Raubach, Kreis Neuwied.
Also JONAS Families >from Waldbreitbach, Kreis Neuwied.
Brothers, Moritz and Milton MICHEL, sons of Marcus & Hedwig MICHEL formerly
of Urbach, Kreis Neuwied.
Brothers, Arthur and Kurt LEVY, sons of Herman and Klara LEVY formerly of
Steimel, Kreis Neuwied.

Thank you for any information you may offer. Please respond to my home
E-mail address.

Theodore (Ted) Tobias, Englewood, New Jersey, _docted22@...
Formerly of Puderbach, Kreis Neuwied in Westerwald

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