GerSIG's Karen Franklin on art restitution in Jerusalem Post #germany

JewishGen German Research Division Coordinator

GerSIG Coordinator Karen S. Franklin is featured in a Jerusalem Post
article on how genealogy resources help accomplish looted art restitution.

Based in part on Ms. Franklin's lectures at the Salt Lake City 2007
Conference, the article says:

"Genealogy is not just about the names of dead people on a list, or
DNA or Holocaust victims, it is now also about art restitution. Online
resources used to solve cases include JewishGen, ProQuest, maps, Yad
Vashem, the Leo Baeck archives, the Center for Jewish History,
newspaper obituaries and other life cycle announcements (engagements,
marriages), Ancestry and even eBay. Art restitution today utilizes
three approaches: international and genealogical collaboration as well
as artifact exhibits. "

The full text is available (in English) as follows:

Jerusalem Post on line edition Aug 31, 2007 18:34
"State of the Art: Finding the heirs" By Schelly Talalay Dardashti

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