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Udi Cain

Lipman is a very old Ashkenazic given name dating back at least to the
14th century. It is a variant of Liebman and means "beloved/dear man."
Source: "Ashkenazic Jews: Their History and Their Names" by Alexander
Beider, currently in press.

Gary Mokotoff
There is an old Middle aged story about "The piper >from Hemlin, Brunswick"
A Lipman is possibly a piper.
Pipe is one of the oldest musical instruments, also used by Levies in the
Temple >from which, a Levi that kept the tradition could have got such name.
Music goes well with intelligent. Yom Tov Lipman HaLevi Heller, was an
intelligent person. He was also one of my ancestors and I love music and I
can whistle a whole Symphony. Lipman could refer to Whistler.
Did I write a Sophism or what?

Happy Chanuka. Udi Cain.

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