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robert.gleek <robert.gleek@...>

I know the UK's 1881 Census exists on CD-ROM, but does anyone know if the
1871 version does too? If so, please can you advise me how comprehensive
it is and where/how I might get hold of a copy.
Many Thanks,
Daniel Gleek
London, UK

Searching for:
DORF / DOFF - >from Lomza to London & New York
HERMAN - >from Kolo to London & New York
KUPCHIK / COOPTCHICK - >from Odessa to London & USA
ISOW / ISOWITSKY - >from Odessa to London
GLEEK / GLICK - >from Riga to UK , RSA & Palestine
GLICKMAN / GLUKMAN - >from Warsaw to London & Belgium

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