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Nina and I had wondered about what happened to people who simply
disappeared >from our families. Now we believe they may have succumbed to
the flu epidemic.
A few months ago, I was at my local FHC looking through microfilm indexes
of deaths in New York in the 'teens and early '20's. At one point, I
began to notice a lot (really a lot) of "young" people who had died, young
adults, children and infants. I thought it odd, but didn't pay a whole
lot of attention to it, until I realized I was looking at 1918-1919, and
I remembered the Flu Epidemic. As I said, it was only an index, just
listing names, dates of death and ages, so no causes were shown, but it
seemed obvious it was >from the flu when I thought about it.
Carol Kunkis Cohn
Newport Beach, CA

KOSSOI/KOSSOY/KOSOFF - Vetka, Chechersk, Zagor'ye, Belarus;
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