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m rogow <mrogow@...>

In M. Vashavski's familiar poem about "yikhes", he says (in Yiddish) at
the first line of the second stanza "here comes uncle Alkuneh." I don't as
yet know the derivation of the name, but I can make proper inquiries and
will certainly let you know.

Mel Rogow
Los Angeles

At 07:55 PM 12/22/00 +0000, you
Last night I came in on the end of a yiddish movie being shown on my local
PBS station. When the credits were run at the end one of the actors was
listed as ALKUNEH. There is no way to tell whether that was the first or
last name. Has anyone ever come across this name? I would love to find
out if this is a given or surname and its origin.
Thank you and a Happy Chanukah
Barbara Meyers
searching:Alk,Kaflowitz >from Bialystok

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