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Henriette and the others,
(many people seem to be interested in that topic!)

Of course you are right about the French word "citron", but the trouble
is that, according to a genealogical tree which is in our possession, it
is not Andre, but Andre CITROEN's grandfather who changed his name, >from
LIMOENMAN to CITROEN, with "oe" at the end.
And you are probably right when you say that the two dots over the E
where added (not by Andre but by his father and several uncles) in order
for the name not to be pronounced in a manner similar to the French word
By the way, this name is quite common among Jews, with various spellings:
Citroen, Citron, Cytron, Kitron, Tsitron, Tsytron, Zitron...(see the
Avotaynu webpage It can be
found, among other sources, in the JGFF, the FTJP, the Grodno Gubernia 1912
Voters List,the two Dictionaries by A. Beider (Russian Empire and Poland).

About the possible connection between Andre CITROEN and Poland, I noticed
his mother's given name, Masza (Masza Amalia Kleinman), which looks Polish
to me (but I am not a specialist). Probably more information could be found
in a book which was indicated by Eve Line Blum a few days ago (I have not
read it).

Basile Ginger,
Cercle de Genealogie Juive, Paris

Henriette Moed Roth wrote:=20

One more name to add to the list in my previous message: CITRON, Louis
(without the "e"). Of course, in French the word "citron" means
"lemon." Perhaps, Andre did not feel comfortable naming his cars
"Lemon" and kept the family name with the "E" which requires a tr=E9ma
(two dots over the E) in French to be pronounced correctly. The Dutch
"Citroen" is pronounced "citroon" in English.

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