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At 07:08 AM 12/23/2000 -0500, you wrote:
A "cutter" was a person in the garment trades who cut large stacks of
cloth into the pieces that were sewn together (i.e., using a pattern. My
understanding is that this was a frequent occupation for men in the
garment industry.
My father was a cutter for nearly 40 years with Eastern Isles (ladies
pajamas and lingerie). Indeed they followed a pattern (like a blue print).
This was placed on top of a fairly high stack of cloth. Usually these were
cloths of different colors and/or design. In some cases, a very
experienced cutter would help or even design the "blue print", so that
they could maximize the number of "pieces", in the smallest and most
efficient layout. The cutting instrument was very powerful. It looked like
a saber saw with a thyroid condition. It had a sharp blade about 10 to 12
inches high. It was electric. It could also run away >from you, if you did
not have a strong and steady hand. I tried it a few times, when I was a
child, and it nearly dragged me across the cutting table.

Bruce W. Goldstein
Glen Rock, NJ

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