Research note: International telephone calls #germany

JewishGen German Research Division Coordinator

Recently a GerSIG list message >from a member in France said (more or less) :

The phone number in Deidesheim (Germany) is :
Phone: 06326/7143.

If the Zivilsatndsregister are not located there, they might be
deposited at the Landeshauptarchiv Koblenz:

Fax: 0261/9129112

A GerSIG member in the USA reminded me of this:

Often, a zero is added to the city or area code under certain circumstances.
In my personal experience, the extra zero is used for calls within the
same country. For extensive information about the telephone dialing protocalls

Usually, when calling >from the USA to most other nations a zero is not
added to the city or area code. Thus in the first example quoted
above the correct number to dial if calling >from the USA to Germany
would be:

011 (international dialing code >from USA)
49 (country code for Germany)
6326 (city code - with no 0 prefix - for a small town)
7143 (telephone number in a small town)

The second number quoted above is for a medium sized city.
The city code is a smaller number and the individual phone number is longer.

261 (city code without 0 prefix for bigger town)
9129112 (longer telephone number in a bigger town)

For really big cities expect a two digit city code - for
example, Frankfurt am Main city code calling >from USA is 69 and Berlin is 30

In the old days I kept a current paper telephone directory near my
phone because those books usually had a list of international country
and city telephone codes printed in the front pages.

These days, like most information, such data can be found using the Internet.

I used a search engine to seek "telephone country codes".

One of many "hits" was a site with lots and lots of profit-making
links but also a cost free tool for finding international telephone
dialing instructions to large and medium cities.

Entering the "calling from" and "calling to" nations brings up a list
of cities and then their telephone dialing codes and also the current
time of day (or night) in that pace. Very handy, no charge. I have
*** not *** suggested that one use any of the for fee services
advertised at this website.

John Paul Lowens, Area code 516 GerSIG Moderator 1

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