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During my last visit to London I had the opportunity to visit the London
Metropolitan Archives to query the Poor Jews Temporary Shelter original

In the reception office I was given a leaflet with some other Jewish-
interest records which are hold in the LMA. The LMA are located in
40 Northampton Road, London ECR1 0HB, 5 minutes walk >from Farringdon
Station, and very close to the Family Records Centre.

I will reproduce this list below. Please consider the following:

- I don't know what these collections are. If someone does, please post a
follow-up to this posting. Please don't ask me.

- Most of these collections are private, and *written* permission of the
depositor is required before they can consulted. Without this permission
LMA won't allow access to the records.

- The list I have do mention the names and/or institutions to ask this
permission from. I will *not* include these details in this posting.
Should someone be interested in this information, please email me


London Metropolitan Archives:

Records of the Anglo-Jewish Community: access by written permission only
LMA holds archives >from the following Anglo-Jewish organisations which
require the permission of the depositor before they can be consulted.

ACC/2712 United Synagogue And Predecessors
ACC/2793 Central British Fund For World Jewish Relief
ACC/2805 Office Of The Chief Rabbi
ACC/2886 West London Synagogue
ACC/2893 The Federation Of Synagogues
ACC/2911 Western Synagogue
ACC/2942 Food For The Jewish Poor
ACC/2943 New Road Synagogue
ACC/2944 The Jewish Bread Meat And Coal Society
ACC/2980 The Kashrus Commission
ACC/2999 Jewish Memorial Council
ACC/3037 National Council For Jews In The Former Soviet Union
ACC/3090 Jewish Health Organisation Of Great Britain
ACC/3121 Board Of Deputies Of British Jews
ACC/3400 The London Beth Din
LMA/4184 Jews' Temporary Shelter

The following do not require permission

ACC/2996 Victoria Club
ACC/3529 Liberal Jewish Synagogue (Papers of Claude Montefiore, Israel
Mattuck, Lily Montagu and Leslie Edgar)
ACC/3686 London Society Of Jews And Christians
LMA/4046 Jews' Free School
LMA/4047 Westminster Jews' Free School
London School Of Jewish Studies *
* Uncatalogued: available only at 72 hours notice.
LMA/4071 Westminster Synagogue
LMA/4175 Womens International Zionist Organisation

Yaacov Slizak (for email reply please remove the nospam >from the address)
Ennis, Co.Clare

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