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Larry Freund and Gloria Berkenstat Freund <glory1@...>

I have been thinking of the following proposal for a few months and my
success in using ViewMate has led me finally to submit it.

Last week I posted a paragraph >from the Radomsko Yizkor Book, which I have
been translating. I had been having difficulty with this paragraph for
months and after it was posted, David Goldman and Bill Leibner graciously
assisted me with the translation of the paragraph. I am happy to publicly
thank them for their generous help.

But a public thank you doesn't seem enough. I have started keeping a jar
near my computer (my JewishGen pushke) into which I put an amount of money
each time I find something on JewishGen that leads me to a new discovery in
my family research. I intend to take the proceeds every month or so and
write a check for the amount as a contribution to JewishGen. We have a
tradition of Tzedakah. I think we should remember that tradition every time
someone answers one of our queries on JewishGen or we find something useful
while reading the Digest or individual messages. (It would also be a good
idea to hit the reply button when someone sends us an individual response
to our queries and simply type the words Thank You.)

I am adding Tzedakah money to my JewishGen pushke in honor of David and

My proposal is that each of us keep a JewishGen pushke in which to toss a
few coins or a piece of paper on which to indicate a monetary amount and to
do so each time we get help >from JewishGen. We can each do so according to
our financial situations and according to the value we place on what we
have received. Once a month or so, we can send this Tzedakah money to
JewishGen as a way of saying thank you and, more important, as a way of
making sure JewishGen will be there when we have our next query.

Gloria Berkenstat Freund
New York, NY

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