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I was recently greatly excited to view, on the Internet, a sketch map of
the shtetl where my maternal family came from. My interest was
especially aroused when I saw that it identified a number of buildings,
mostly public institutions - schools, synagogues and the like - but also
a few private ones. One of the latter was a flour mill. My mother's
family owned or operated a flour mill in that place. One of my
grandmother's six siblings - a brother -remained behind to operate it
while the others all emigrated to England and the USA Only one of his
family survived the Holocaust. Since I have hardly any information about
any ancestors before that generation any scrap is of value and here was
something tangible, even if only a reference on a sketch map.

A difficulty I had was in deciding which of the buildings was the one I
wanted. The 26 buildings were numbered and the flour mill was 24.
Unfortunately two numbers - 21 and 24 - looked very similar and I could
not decide which was which.

I therefore sent a message to Belarus SIG asking for help. This is the
appropriate SIG for my shtetl and I am a member of it. I got three
responses. One was an automated message saying the recipient was ill.
The other two did not answer my question but instead asked me a question
each. One stated that their family had a flour mill in Belarus and where
was my shtetl? The third stated that part of his family was >from the
same shtetl and asked for the names of those I was seeking. I know that
the answers to their questions were available in the Jewishgen website
but I allowed for the fact that they might be newcomers and might not
know where to look When I started with Jewishgen I asked all sorts of
silly questions and was directed to the appropriate website. So I
answered their questions and asked if they had deciphered the map.

One answered immediately, thanked me for my reply and said 'Yes' which I
took to mean that he had looked at the map (but did not answer my
original question about the location of the flour mill.) So I sent the
same original question to the Jewishgen List. To date there has been
complete silence.I thought that perhaps the intervention of Hanukah
might have been the reason for the silence but I notice no major drop in
the messages sent to Jewishgen.

I must say I am very disappointed. I'm always reading about the
'wunnerful Jewishgenners' who travel, it seems, great distances to look
up stuff for strangers. I have been to libraries to do the same (not
long distances, being too old for that, but locally where we have good
libraries). However, I was not asking for anything burdensome, just for
someone to remain at their desk with their computer, click their mouse a
couple of times and peer at something.

If anyone feels like doing that the sketch map is of Dokshitz and is
found in the Dokshitz Yikzkor book extracts at (the spelling of its name varies)

and the question is: where is no. 24, the flour mill? Is it just north
of the word 'shops' or in a cul-de-sac just north of the 'G' in Globoka

I should be very glad indeed for any help.

Harold Pollins

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