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Ed Posnak <ed@...>

Fellow Genners:

I have recently uncovered evidence that 4 female cousins of mine were
orphaned around 1900 or 1901 in New York City. They stayed with relatives
until three of them were taken away by the local authorities, presumably
to be given up for adoption.

I have their names and months/years of birth - two of them were born in
NYC. Does anyone know how I could possibly find out what happened to
them? Which agencies deal with this sort of thing?

The names are Sarah POSNAK, Bessie POSNAK, and Mary POSNAK. Their parents
were Roze and Yehudi (Julius) POSNAK. The sister who did *not* get taken
away was Pauline (Pearl) POSNAK, who died about 10 years ago. Any
help/advice would be appreciated.

Ed Posnak
Orlando, FL

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