Seeking "Jews of Poznan" catalog #germany

Ruth and Bruce Lynn <lynn33@...>

Have any of you been able to purchase a copy of the exhibition catalog:
"Between Tradition and Modernity: The Jews of Poznan in the 19th and 20th
Centuries" by Tamara Sztyma-Knasiecka? Edward Luft wrote about it in the
Spring 2007 issue of Avotaynu, on p. 71.

I tried both e-mail addresses he listed, asking whether it's still
available, and whether a US check for $11.00 would be acceptable. One
address bounced and there was no reply >from the other.

Or do any of you know of a library in the Boston area that has purchased
this book? Brandeis does not seem to own it. Thanks very much.

Ruth Nadelman Lynn Lexington, MA <>

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