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A few acquisitions of GenAmi

I'll send short extracts in several times because
I must translate everything.


Lists computerized :
-Hatstatt : births >from 1702 - 1792

for people living in Hattstatt (Alsace) in 1799.
-Nice : liste of 1808, marriages before 1808,

births >from 1838 to 1860

-Remiremont (Vosges): a census of January 1815

-Hegenheim ( Alsace): census of 1838

-Option of French naturalisation in 1872
for the names (not all computerized)
Hauser, Hecker, U(l)lmann, Ul(l)mo, Schwob,
Sommer, Wahl, many Blochs (French living in Switzerland)).

-The Jewish cemetery of Rosenwiller :
photocopy of the register

-Jungholtz (Alsace), by Denis Ingold

-Les 70 ans de l'=E9cole normale de
l'alliance israelite orientale (1865-1935)
by A.H. Navon, librairie Durlacher.

( 70 years of the the school of teachers of A.I.U.)
The names of the founders, the professors of the school
and those who became teachers.
A very rare book given by a member who was a teacher.

Micheline GUTMANN, GenAmi

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