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Announcing the publication of a new English-language book that has
significant genealogical value to those researching Ukraine, in particular
Podolia Guberniya:

Title: "The Road >from Letichev - the history and culture of a
forgotten Jewish community in Eastern Europe"

Authors: David A. Chapin and Ben Weinstock

Book Web Site: includes ordering info and free browse-online version

Publisher:, Inc.; 5220 S 16th, # 200, Lincoln NE 68512
tel: 877-823-9235

ISBN: At 904 pages, it is a two-volume set.
Volume 1: 0-595-00666-3; Volume 2: 0-595-00667-1.

Date Published: 2000.

Towns Covered: Derazhnia, Letichev, Medzhibozh, Mikhalpol (Mikhampol,
Mikhalovka), Staro Zakrevsky Meidan, Volkovintsy, Zinkov,
Butsni (Butsnevtsy).

Towns Discussed: Proskurov (Khmelnitsky), Kamenets-Podolsky, Bar, Ushitsa,
Dunaevtsy, Yarmolinitsy, Zhmerinka, Vinnitsa, Kiev, Staro
Konstantinov, Okupy, Felshtin (Gvardeyskoye), Litin,

Unique Surnames: More than 600. For a complete list, see the book's web

Number of Individuals Indexed:
More than 8300. Includes a Holocaust necrology.

Other Finding Aids:
Table of Contents, Subject Index, People Index, Gazetteer
and Maps, Glossary, full references.

Synopsis: The Letichev District (Podolia) of Ukraine was a microcosm of
Jewish life in Eastern Europe. But there were unique differences. It was
the home of the Baal Shem Tov and the cradle of the Chasidic movement. This
book is, in part, dedicated to the 300th anniversary of his birth. The Road
from Letichev presents the history of the area through the eyes of
individuals who lived there. Interwoven into the fabric of Jewish life are
songs, food, folklore, health, education and crime. A complete encyclopedia
of the rabbis who traveled The Road >from Letichev is provided, together
with a detailed description of synagogues (most of which are now destroyed)
-- the first of its kind. The best description of a Jewish agricultural
colony to date is detailed. On a tragic note, new information is provided
on the 1648 Khmelnitsky massacres, as well as the pogroms of 1882, 1903-7,
and 1919-21. Finally, the whole purpose for the book is to document what
was destroyed in the Holocaust. No understanding of the Holocaust is truly
complete without an understanding of what the Nazis took away >from the
world. The Road >from Letichev provides this insight. Through the
testimonials >from survivors of the Holocaust we learn new information about
the horrors of the Nazi occupation on Soviet soil. The Soviet experience
in the Holocaust is relatively unusual in the modern literature. Richly
illustrated with more than 400 rare photos and maps.

David A. Chapin
Austin, Texas USA


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