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Could someone please tell me what the name Eva would be in
Polish, Hebrew and Yiddish?


Lillian Henkin Greenberg
Bethesda, Md.

Researching: HENKIN/GENKIN ->Nevel/Vitebsk, St Petersburg, Belarus/Russia
MAGID ->Nevel/Vitebsk Belarus/Russia
STVOLINSKY ->Nevel/Vitebsk Belarus/Russia
KWIATEK ->Lutostan, Lumza Poland
GREENBERG ->Pultusk, Poland, Brooklyn, NY

MODERATOR NOTE: There is good information on Jewish given names,
including Eva, in the InfoFiles at: (click on "Names")
Read the file, "Jewish Given Names - Slide Presentation."
The section on Hebrew -> English Adaptations should be helpful
in this case, but the presentation as a whole gives a much
better understanding of Jewish naming practices.

Also in the InfoFiles is a "Bibliography on Jewish Given Names,"
which lists some helpful resources that may be available in your
local library or bookstore.

Good background knowledge is one of the best gifts one can give
oneself -- it comes in handy time and time again in genealogical

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