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Daniel Kazez <dkazez@...>

Last week, I wrote a message regarding contacting a leader in the
Jewish community in Cuba. Several helpful people wrote with a
name and a telephone number. But now I have other problems:
First, I think my Spanish is not good enough for such a call.
(Counting to ten in Spainsh is a challenge for me!)

I decided to try calling anyway, but found (over the space of
several days) that the call wouldn't work. The operator informed
me (correctly?) that calls >from the U.S. to Cuba might be blocked.

Is there someone outside of the U.S. who is fluent in Spanish and
would be willing to make the call for me? I would be glad to pay
for the call or provide any help or phone calls that would be
helpful here in the U.S. or elsewhere.

Daniel Kazez

P.S. The call to Cuba is quite simple. It involves one
surname (ALHADEFF)--for two brothers who I know went to Cuba.

Daniel Kazez <>
Springfield, Ohio USA
USA; Cuba; Canada; Switzerland; France; Turkey; Israel; NZ

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