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The following article is being reproduced >from the December 2000 issue of
"L'Chaim Ireland - The Newsletter of the Irish-Jewish Community".

The author - Mr. Stuart Rosemblatt - provided me with his consent to
reproduce it here. I'd like to add I have no affiliation with Mr.
Rosemblatt whatsoever, and my only role is to bring you this information
in the belief that it might be helpful to someone interested on tracing
Irish relatives.

Beginning of Article

How many times has the question been asked "Where do I come from?" with
the response "I really do not know, I wish I had asked my parents or
listened to them, now it is too late."

This problem has been recently solved by the discovery of long forgotten
files which show the original towns including dates of birth, occupations,
children, addresses, signatures, >from the period of 1914 to 1922 when non
nationals had to register their presence. Most of the original Dublin
families are listed. Marriage records of Marys Abbey >from 1845 were
discovered in Roscommon and included marriage records >from Camden Street
Shul. The Irish Jewish Genealogical Society have 23,400 names on file
covering the 32 counties which include Aida Shilman's birth records,
burial and marriage records >from 1845 to 2000.

With numerous enquiries coming in >from abroad with people trying to trace
their ancestry, it is important that the current history is documented for
posterity. Your help is needed to combine family relationships into
correct order (plus it is fun). 20 minutes of your time would be of
immense help.

NB Would any person know of Urial Jackson, a founder member of Dolphins
Barn Cemetery ??

End of Article


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