2008 International Conference in Chicago - General #germany

JewishGen German Research Division Coordinator

The yearly international meeting on Jewish Genealogy will be held in
Chicago starting Sunday, 17 August, 2008. Information is always
available at the IAJGS website: http://www.iajgs.org/index.shtml

Our many members who are new to Jewish Genealogy should read the basic
information section at the end of this message.

All GerSIG members may be particularly interested in the Chicago 2008
meeting for the following and other reasons:

1. Chicago has not been the meeting location since 1984.

2. Chicago is an easy and inexpensive travel destination, especially
>from US and Canada.

3. Research opportunities in Chicago will be described by the
Conference organizers. There are many resources there, some are
unique to that city.

4. The Chicago area offers many attractions for visitors not involved
in Jewish Genealogy. It has many big city advantages but is
relatively visitor friendly. Unlike New York, Chicago is
still manageable by automobile. Unlike the waters around Manhattan,
Lake Michigan is very hospitable for sailing and other water sports.
Museums, cultural activities and international dining opportunities are
abundant and excellent.

Other features of the "Chcagoland area" should be noted in followup
emails >from GerSIG members.


In a separate posting to this list, I will discuss GerSIG meeting
options for Chicago 2008. The deadline for scheduling all of our
meetings is 5 November.


For those new to Jewish Genealogy, the yearly conferences offer a
wonderful opportunity to do research and exchange information with
veteran experts, other novices, and specialists on all aspects of
family history research.

Most organizations of Jewish Genealogists hold their annual meetings
at the conference. This provides all visitors with a human catalogue
of people, groups and special interest experts >from around the
world. A Jewish Genealogy beginner can gather more research leads
during a 5 day conference than in 5 months of mail exchange and
Internet browsing.

For experienced genealogists who are new to **Jewish** Genealogy, the
Conference offers an intensive immersion in the special problems and
techniques required for research on Jewish families.

GerSIG will be active in Chicago >from 17 - 22 August, 2008. Messages
to follow will provide details.

John Paul Lowens, GerSIG Coordinator gerSIGmod@gmail.com

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