JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Any insight on the first name "Dovrish?" #general

Lauren Hirsch <lauren.t.hirsch.c95@...>

I just found out that my maternal grandmother's Jewish name was Dovrish
(her English name was Dorothy). As I am pregnant and would like to name a
child after her, I am interested in its derivation, but I can't find it on
any lists of Jewish names. I assume it's Yiddish, but what does it mean,
and what are its Hebrew and English counterparts? Everybody on my
mother's side who would know has passed away.

Thanks for any help.


MODERATOR NOTE: There was a recent discussion on the feminine name
"Dobrisch." Perhaps the two are related? If you would like to see
the previous messages, go to:
and search the archives for Dobrisch.

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