GerSIG BOF (small special interest) meetings - Chicago 2008 #germany

JewishGen German Research Division Coordinator

Important notice re: BOF ( Small Special Interest Group ) meetings at
IAJGS Conference - Chicago, August, 2008

Anyone who is interested in scheduling a "BOF" (Birds of a Feather =
small special interest group) meeting during the Chicago 2007 IAJGS
Conference should:

request a BOF Application Form by email to

If you want GerSIG to help you in any way with your BOF meeting plans,
including announcing your BOF special interest to GerSIG members
through this list, you must send a copy of your application request

Your request should tell how many people have said that they would
probably attend your BOF meeting at Chicago 2008. It should also give
a brief history of your BOF special interest group and explain exactly
why your BOF group's topic is exclusively specific to German Jewish
Genealogy and Family History Research.

Completed applications for BOF meeting times and rooms must be
received by the Chicago 2008 Conference organizers not later than 5
November, 2007.

NOTE: Replies to this message that don't meet all of the requirements
stated above will be ignored. BOF special interest topics that are
not exclusively specific to GerSIG's focus topic will be returned to
you by the GerSIG Moderator.

Thanks for your careful attention to the above and your cooperation.

John Paul Lowens, GerSIG Coordinator and list moderator

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