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Dear Genners,

A short time ago one of my neighbors told me of her family's activities
during WWII.
The family consisted of Auke HARTSTRA, his wife Anna KOEN, their
daughters Anna Maria b.1920 and my neighbor Tine (now Olson) b.1930.

Two houses away >from the Hartstra family, at either #50 or 42
Voortsweg, Enschede Netherlands, lived a Jewish family, named Ausen
(Aussen). The family consisted of the senior Aussen, their son and his
wife and their toddler/preschooler, red-haired son.
One day members of the Resistance told the Hartstras the Nazis were
coming that night to round up Jews and for them to warn the Ausens. The
Ausens refused to believe them, but Tine requested that the little Ausen
boy be allowed to stay in their home *one* night. Permission was granted.
Circa 3 or 4 am the Nazis came in trucks and took the Ausen family, never
to return. Some of the Hartstra neighbors were Nazi collaborators and
they feared for the boy's life. Consequently he was taken by the
Resistance to live with a farm family outside of Enschede. Tine believes
he was probably adopted.
Another part of the Hartstra's history relates another set of
neighbors. Late 1942 or early 1943 the Hartstra's moved to Delden. Next
door lived a family named COHEN: Mr/Mrs. COHEN and the husband's brother.
The Cohen's ran a butcher shop in town. Again the Resistance told the
Hartstra's the Nazis were about to round up Jews. The Cohens listened to
the Hartstra's and went to live with the mother of Tine's
brother-in-law: Mr/Mrs Henry LAST ala Anne FRANK. Last in Dolphia & ran
a barber shop in Glanerbrug.
The Hartstras took as much of the Cohen's equipment and furnishing as
they could, stored them their attic and post war, the Cohen's recovered
their goods. As a result, the Cohen's were able to re-open their butcher
shop in Delden. their daughter married and the couple ran a butcher shop
in Hengelo.
In my opinion, the Hartstra family, Tine being the sole survivor,
deserves to be awarded the status of Righteous Gentile. However the above
requires substantiation and validation >from someone other than Tine. Is
there anyone out there who knows anything about these families?

If so, please contact me privately ASAP.

Louis A. Fine
University Place WA-U.S.A
E-mail <>

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