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Shel Bercovich <sbercovich@...>

Many, many thanks to all those who responded to my plea.

I have concluded that the "Steffanesk" written on my gm's documents
really was (as I believed >from the start) Stefanesti, Botosani County,
Romania, on the border with Moldava. As I said to a couple of
responders, I think the "Steffanesk" spelling came about as the result
of an English-speaker's liberal transliteration of a Yiddish speaker's
pronunciation of a Romanian name. :-) Hardly surprising, under the

It must be said that some of the responders were extremely thorough in
their responses, showing the tremendous amount of research being done
by a large number of genealogists.

Again, many thanks for your help.


Searching: BERCOVICI, GOLDENBERG, MOSCOVICI - Darabani, Dorohoi, Iasi
& Stefanesti, Romania
KLEBANOV (various spellings), LIPKIND - Minsk Gubernia; NYC
HECHTER (ECHTER), ZWANG - Tulchin, Botha, & Krivoye Ozero,
Ukraine; Israel

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