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Joyce Weaver <joyweave@...>

I don't know if what I have in mind is at all possible, which is why I
think I might need a magician instead of a researcher.

What I'd like to know is if any researcher in the Montreal area thinks
he or she can do the following: Using two addresses found in the
Montreal City Directory for 1913-15, would it be possible to figure out
which synagogue(s) the family might have attended and thus find the
birth registrations for children born during that period?

If you think this is possible, please answer privately with information
about fees, time, etc.

Joy Weaver
mail to:

Poland (Zaklikow, Lublin): Blumberg, Fogiel, Rozenel./
Belarus (Brest, Grodno): Feinberg, Vilner, Greenberg.

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