JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Great web site found, if looking for people... #general

David Frey <dfrey@...>

I hate to disagree with Denise Azbil:

"I just came across a website at People
register to have their names placed in the database, and
you can e-mail them. There are hundreds of people in the
database, listed in alphabetical order. They also
have home pages of members listed, many of which contain genealogical
information. It's also kind of a "matchmaking site"! It's a great site."
But it is not a great site at all. I took the time to look up on
three people I know including myself. Aside the amount of time to
look up a name it took to look up a name, >from 15 minutes to 40
minutes , in each case it listed about 12 topics which were
supposed to supply information, all contained the name and a button
called email me and nothing further

I doubt if the information received would be very useful at all

David Frey

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