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I thought this could be useful to those of us searching
for family members who had served in the British &
Commonwealth Armies in WW 11.

This info comes >from a v useful list run by Rootsweb,
about WW 2. To subscribe:

The War Medal 1939-1945; one of two general service medals for WWII; the
other being the Defence Medal. They complement the several Second World
War campaign stars awarded for service in specific theatres of war. The
War Medal was awarded in 1945 to all full-time personnel of all British
and Commonwealth armed services wherever they were serving, so long as
they had served for at least 28 days between 3 Sep 1939 and 2 Sep 1945.

Medal Rolls and Medal Offices

The Medal Rolls for World War II have yet to be released to the Public
Record Office. They are held by the Army Medal Office, an official
enterprise that holds the formal records of campaign and service medals
and other awards to all British armed services. The Army Medal Office is
still dealing with the issue of medals, including retrospective awards of
World War II and later medals to servicemen and women (or their next of
kin) who can prove non-issue. However, it should be noted that if the
serviceman or woman refused to accept the medals when first issued, the
Army Medal Office will respect that wish and decline to issue medals to
next of kin or families. The office address is:

Ministry of Defence, Army Medal Office,
Government Office Buildings,
Worcester Road,
Worcestershire WR9 8AU,
United Kingdom.

I have no other information, please don't ask me.

Santa Monica
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searching: BLUMENTHAL (London 19C) LAZARUS (Berlin 19c)
POSNER (Berlin 19c) STUPEL (Belarus)

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