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For some time, I have been trying to locate information on the genealogy
of the Saul Tchernichovsky family. For someone who has played such an
important role in Jewish literature, poetry (and medicine), it is
surprising that I have found so little information about his origins and
family. I have searched data bases on JewishGen, the Jewish
Encyclopedia, analyses of his writings and poetry (those available in
English) and other reference books with limited success. About all I
have been able to find out about him is that he was born August 20, 1875
in a village (?Belozorka) near the village of Mikailovka in the Ukraine
and that his ancestors came >from the city of Tschernichow in the
Ukraine. Does anyone know of sources of additional information about
this man? Your help would be much appreciated.
Amoz Chernoff
Potomac, MD

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