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Leeson, Corey <cleeson@...>

I am looking for some help on my FINKELSTEIN ancestors. On an old family
tree made in the sixties, I have the name of a shtetl where my GGGrandfater
was born as Yellosoret. I have had all kinds of trouble trying to find out
where this town is, or what another spelling might be. Using the shtetl
finder I have found a possible match as Zgleczewo Szlacheckie. Is this a
likely match, or can someone think of another possiblity? Also using the
JRI Poland on line I did find a lot of Finkelsteins that lived near the
coordinates of this town. However, no records for this town exist on JRI.
Does this mean records do not exist, or that the town was too small to have
its own records, and they are included with another town?

If this is the correct town I believe I may have found a first cousin to my
GGGrandfather, as there is a Jukiel FINKELSZTEJN born in 1854 in Kosow
Lacki parents Dawid and Ester which is only 7.2 miles away >from Zgleczewo
Szlacheckie. My GGGrandfather is Jecheel FINKELSTEIN, and his parents were
Jesha (Joshua) and Rachel Finkelstein. I don't have a birth year for him,
but it was likely similar in time to 1854, because his daughter, my
GGrandmother was born in 1880.

Any recommendations on the next step to take?

Corey Leeson
Cleveland, Ohio

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