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On Elimelech;
Elimelech is a key figure in the beginning of Megilat Ruth. He was
an important man. He was an Ephratite (an elite class), >from Bethlehem. He
was the husband of Naomi, and the father inlaw of Ruth. Tradition has it
that >from Ruth's bloodline will come the Messiah. He left Israel during a
famine, because he was wealthy and had enough food stored to feed all of
Israel, but was afraid that all would come and beg him for food.There is
one opinion that says his misdeed at leaving was compounded by the fact
that all the inhabitants of Bethlehem at this time were relatives.
Elimelech's name signified his arrogant attitude. He would boast; Eli
tavo malchut-' to me shall come kingship'.
Sorry he doesn't have a more kindly story...this is of course, a
shortened version. For more, see The Book of Ruth. Art Scroll has a very
good English version with lots of commentaries related to this subject.
Varda Epstein
researching; Kopelman, Shaffer, Yanovsky/Janovsky

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