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It is correct that the large Jewish cemetery in Lodz was established in
This establishment of this cemetery, the largest Jewish cemetery in Europe,
was prompted by a cholera epidemic that year and because of the closing of
the old Lodz Jewish cemetery on Wesola Street, established in 1811. Prior
to 1811, the Jews of Lodz were buried in surrounding communities, such as
Leczyca and Lutomiersk.

For information on the old Lodz cemetery, see this page:

Shirley Rotbein Flaum
Houston, Texas

Naidia Woolf wrote:

Does anyone know where Jews >from Lodz were buried prior to 1892? I've been
informed that the cemetery in Lodz was not established until that date.

I'm trying to locate the grave of my great grandfather, Isaac KYJAWSKI who
may or may not have been interred prior to 1892.

Naidia Woolf

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