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ronald Wallace

For many months I have been searching for one of my late father's first
cousins and their family whom I knew had lived in Algeria before the war,
and then gone to France in later years. In spite of several postings and
lots of internet searching, I drew a total blank.

One day a few weeks ago, I noticed a posting on the Newsgroup >from a female
member of the Cercle de Genealogie Juive de Paris, who offered to help non
French Speaking individuals to find relatives in France. I thought, what do
I have to lose, so I wrote to her.

She was very happy to help me, but didn't hold out much hope because I did
not know if the daughter of the cousin, who likely would be still alive,
had married or not, and if she had what her married name was. However she
took it on and wrote to the Town hall of the town they were last known to
have lived in.

After 10 days, given that Xmas came in between, that was extremely fast,
she received an answer >from the town, and was told where the family had
moved to in the late 80's. So she wrote to the second town, and lo and
behold this week she made contact with my cousin. someone >from the town
hall in the town they now live in went to the home of my cousin to tell
them of the interest.

It all took less than a month.

For anyone seeking help in France the Cercle as it is known are very
willing to help, if they can, with no strings. Contact Them.

Ronny Wallace

from Ronald Wallace
Mendham, NJ

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