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The writer of this message has asked me to pass it on to the
group. (She has AOL 6.0, and is unable to post messages herself.)

In Latin America (and Spain) it is customary for children to bear
both the father's and mother's surname. For example, I was Maria
Fernandez Rosales before I married. Women used their married
names as an addendum to their maiden names. My mother was Nilda
Rosales de Fernandez in Cuba (the "de" means literally "of").
When children were born, they would have a compound surname. If
you didn't have the double surname, people knew you were the
product of a relationship outside of marriage. Women were always
very proud of bearing their father's surname besides their
husbands (at least my mother always was). This custom still
abounds in the Spanish-speaking countries. Hope this helps.
Kindest Regards,
:) Maria Krane <>

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