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Yedidya = Amadeus or Amede, French Amedee, Amadis; = Godolewa or Godelewa
feminine low German name; Gottlieb masculine German name.
A street in north Tel Aviv is named after the known Italian painter and
sculptor as "Amadeo Yedidya Modigliani", I am not sure that he himself
knew his Hebrew name.
Actually, he probably did. His surname, I am given to understand, is not
the one he was born with, but one that he adopted after an illness as a
way to express gratitude for his recovery: "Modeh leYah Ani" (=I thank
God) -- Say it fast, and see how it comes out; Italian-sounding enough to
fit easily into his milieu.

If he was able to devise this surname, he very likely knew his Hebrew name.
It may also give a clue to why this particular "Italian" artist has a street
in Tel-Aviv.

Stan Goodman
Qiryat Tiv'on

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