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Jerry Krassner

My ggp Harris & Bella (MENDELSOHN) KRASSNER (and young family) came to
NYC ~1890 >from Odessa (apparently via Hamburg, based on later
naturalization papers of their children). No ship record has been located
(despite significant efforts). Harris' parents were Louis and Rebecca
(COHEN) KRASSNER. Harris (Hebrew name: Tzvi ben Yehoda Leb) and Bella
(Hebrew name: Baila bat Yakov) were both born ~1864. They had several
children born before immigrating: Sarah (b. 1884); Joseph (b. 1886); Moses
(b. 1887); Frances (b. 1889). (All birth dates are approximate). Are there
likely to be birth certificates available? Assuming marriage in
~1882-1883, would a marriage certificate be available? Would there be any
exit papers >from Ukraine/Russia? Where would one look for these? I don't
think LDS has records for this location/time period (can anyone confirm
this?). Any insights would be appreciated. Thank you.

Jerry Krassner N Potomac, MD (

Searching: KRASSNER/MENDELSOHN- Odessa & Drohobych region
KAPLAN/ISAYEVICH- Lipnishky region, Belarus/Lithuania
JAGODZINSKI- Seidlce, Warsaw Poland
CITRON/CYTRYN/SETRIN (and similar variants)- Bialystok area

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