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Howard Zakai

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<< Diane Jacobs wrote in message
>I hate to throw a damper on this connection, but naturalization
>records are notorious for having incorrect information. I was doing
>a search for someone for April 7, 1903 and three ships they said
>their family came on at that time. I finally gave up looking for the
>ships and went to the soundex indexes. I finally found the person
>and lo and behold the April 7 was rightbut the year was l904.
>There is no guarantee if any or part of the information you have
>on the naturalization papers are incorrect. >>

Indeed you are correct. I have learned that passengers coming before 1906
did not have to prove when they arrived. But afterwards, they did. My
great-grandfather had his certificate of arrival with his naturalization
papers so everything matched up, but he listed his wife's arrival
incorrectly as he did not have to prove her arrival.
I have unfortunately learned not to take all information seriously.
Soundex indicies, although harder to research are infallible.

Howie Zakai
Staten Island, NY

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