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Sally Bruckheimer <sallybru@...>

Plotzk is a much bigger city by the fact that I have heard of it. Ripin
is smaller because I haven't. For more precise information, check an
on-line map or gazeteer (or another genner who will give you exact
information). ;-)

All secondary information is suspect. He said so-and-so in his
Russian/Yiddish/German (whatever) accent, and the clerk wrote down one
thing or another. The only way of knowing the ship and time is to find
him on a passenger list. Remember, his name may not have been London
but something else, so you may never find it. I know because I have
searched for years for my great grandparents who came at such and such a
time to NY. I am sure they swam.

In the US, a German is a German. We know it wasn't that way in Europe,
but we were at war with Germany, and who was to say your wife was not
the daughter of Kaiser Wilhelm.

Ike could have been Israel Lazowsky-but you cannot assume that. He
could have been 19 or 22 or something else. He could have been on
another ship. It may have been just before or after midnight and the
date is wrong by 1. It could be another date all together. He probably
sailed out of Holland-which is too bad, Hamburg Passenger Lists exist.

Check early directories in NY or wherever he lived. Check whatever you
can. He may have changed his name somewhat after he came, and if he was
Israel Lazowsky you may be able to find him with his wife (and maybe
kids) and be able to say with some degree of certainty that this guy was
married to a woman with the same name, kids with the same name, the ages
are right, so it probably is him.

Keep on trying,


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